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With 58+ years in the money exchange and money transfer business, the name Alawneh Exchange has become synonymous with trust, reliability and excellence of service. Established in 1966 in Irbid by the late Mohammad Alawneh as a small exchange office Alawneh Exchange began to trade as a registered company in 1980. And so began the new vision of Mohammad Alawneh and Sons Co, expanding across Jordan, eventually transferring from corporate ownership to limited liability with 15 JD million in capital.   Today, Alawneh Exchange operates 51 strategically located branches across Jordan, with over 1000 employees driving a comprehensive range of foreign currency exchange and money transfer solutions and services.   Locally and regionally, Alawneh Exchange has become a prominent name in the money transfer and currency exchange business, offering clients competitive exchange rates and a place they Read More
Alawneh Exchange upholds a work culture that encourages and rewards performance and integrity.   We are guided by a simple and unwavering principle, that the greatest wisdom is the fear of God. Our ethos begins with the management team, which is mandated to persistently bring out the best in our employees. Support, trust and inspiration among all our employees and across departments guide our everyday interactions.   We operate a multifaceted business environment that demands high governance standards with strong customer focus alongside spiritual humility.   Our internal culture reflects the following five principles:   Leadership: We are motivated by the continuous search for ever higher standards of customer service   Excellence: We reward our customers with value, honesty and peace of mind   Reliability: We consistently deliver on our promises to our customers   Innovation: We value Read More
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Welcome to Alawneh Exchange, the leading currency exchange and money transfer provider in Jordan.   Powered by our mission, vision and values, we deliver excellence and innovation using a mix of premium financial services, a wide network of branches, state-of-the-art security safeguards and the latest global technological applications in our industry.   Alawneh Exchange pursued and maintained its leading position in the Jordanian market by showing resilience during economic difficulties.   Our ability to maintain a high growth rate has enabled us to expand our network to 51 branches and develop our own e-channels in order to spread our main statement to our customers: Alawneh Exchange is أقربلك “Closer to you.”    
Alawneh Exchange LLC is committed to the fight against money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud. Its policy has been built in compliance with the regulations of the Central Bank of Jordan ( and the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) ( with respect to risk-based approaches for the mitigation of potential risks in the misuse of its products and services by criminals.   Alawneh Exchange LLC understands its role in working with all sectors and regulatory bodies in Jordan to stop money laundering, terrorist financing, and fraud. All transactions are monitored; any suspicious transaction will be dealt with according to international standards. Please refer to   Should you have any questions regarding Alawneh Exchange’s AML policy, please contact us at
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