Alawneh Exchange upholds a work culture that encourages and rewards performance and integrity.


We are guided by a simple and unwavering principle, that the greatest wisdom is the fear of God.

Our ethos begins with the management team, which is mandated to persistently bring out the best in our employees. Support, trust and inspiration among all our employees and across departments guide our everyday interactions.


We operate a multifaceted business environment that demands high governance standards with strong customer focus alongside spiritual humility.


Our internal culture reflects the following five principles:


Leadership: We are motivated by the continuous search for ever higher standards of customer service


Excellence: We reward our customers with value, honesty and peace of mind


Reliability: We consistently deliver on our promises to our customers


Innovation: We value creative, original and progressive thinkers of business solutions


Empowerment: We empower our employees through teamwork and a culture of encouragement, support and self-improvement



To erase boundaries by providing customers with the most practical and reliable currency exchange and money transfer services in Jordan.



To expand our business, maintain our growth rate and become the premier provider of currency exchange and money transfer services in the region.


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