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Alawneh Exchange believes in the provision of a secure, vibrant and inspiring work environment for all its employees, and to that end we have built an internal strategy that encourages and rewards exceptional performance and integrity. Furthermore, and because of our firm belief that each employee is invaluable to the team, differing only in their responsibilities and commitments, forward thinkers who challenge their capabilities and think outside the box are encouraged and rewarded. Our structure encourages consultation and shared decision-making, allowing all employees to be fully engaged and acknowledged.  It is this team spirit that allows the company to set its future strategy, creating tangible goals and outstanding performances that have consistently transformed obstacles into opportunities. Alawneh Exchange, therefore, encourages the further pursuit of knowledge and the fostering of a familial spirit within its team, offering numerous workshops, seminars, staff retreats and holiday celebrations.
Corporate Social Responsibility
As part of our commitment to the communities in which we operate, and born from the idea that every individual matters, Alawneh Exchange follows a wide-ranging corporate social responsibility program. As a company, we have adopted a strategy to ensure that our services and business practices effectively serve and promote the youth, women’s empowerment, education, health, as well as sporting and social events, while simultaneously being an active supporter of numerous charitable organizations. Alawneh Exchange also believes that support begins at home, and therefore honors its employees by holding retreats, workshops and social events for them and their families. Through our social and community endeavors, our services and our programs, we are committed to creating a new model, one that successfully promotes and strengthens our communities.
Corporate News
In 2016, Alawneh Exchange celebrates its 50th anniversary and continues to set standards as the leading currency exchange and funds transfer company...
Amman, Jordan – May 2016: Stemming from its deep conviction in its role in support of the Kingdom’s march towards progress and prosperity, Alawneh...
As part of its support for the money exchange sector in Jordan and its eagerness to continuously support it with well trained and qualified workforce...
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