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Our People
Alawneh Exchange believes in the provision of a secure, vibrant and inspiring work environment for all its employees, and to that end we have built an internal strategy that encourages and rewards exceptional performance and integrity. Furthermore, and because of our firm belief that each employee is invaluable to the team, differing only in their responsibilities and commitments, forward thinkers who challenge their capabilities and think outside the box are encouraged and rewarded. Our structure encourages consultation and shared decision-making, allowing all employees to be fully engaged and acknowledged.
It is this team spirit that allows the company to set its future strategy, creating tangible goals and outstanding performances that have consistently transformed obstacles into opportunities. Alawneh Exchange, therefore, encourages the further pursuit of knowledge and the fostering of a familial spirit within its team, offering numerous workshops, seminars, staff retreats and holiday celebrations.
تؤمن علاونة للصرافة بأهمية توفير بيئة عمل آمنة ونابضة بالحياة وملهمة لجميع موظفيها، وتحقيقاً لهذه الغاية قمنا بوضع استراتيجية داخلية تشجع وتكافئ الأداء الاستثنائي والنزاهة. وعلاوة على ذلك، ونظرا لإيماننا الراسخ بأن كل موظف هو في غاية الأهمية للفريق، وأنه يختلف لا عن غيره إلا بمسؤولياته والتزاماته، يتم دعم المفكرين المبتكرين الذين يتحدون قدراتهم ويفكرون بشكل غير تقليدي وتشجيعهم ومكافأتهم. ويشجع هيكلنا الإداري أيضاً على التشاور واتخاذ القرارات المشتركة، مما يسمح لجميع الموظفين بالمشاركة بشكل كامل ويؤدي إلى الاعتراف بمشاركاتهم وتقديرها.
وهذه هي روح الفريق التي تمنح الشركة إمكانية وضع استراتيجيتها المستقبلية، وخلق أهداف ملموسة وعروض متميزة لطالما حولت العقبات إلى فرص. لذلك، فإن علاونة للصرافة تشجع السعي نحو المزيد من المعرفة وتعزز الروح الأسرية ضمن فريق عملها، وفي هذا الإطار تقدم لهم العديد من ورش العمل والندوات ولقاءات الموظفين والاحتفالات المشتركة بالأعياد.
Alawneh Exchange Celebrates Aqaba's Branch As The Best Branch

Alawneh Exchange celebrated its Aqaba branch, which won first place among all the company's 24 branches. The Aqaba branch earned the title of the first place due to its excellent performance and achievements throughout the year.

Alawneh Exchange Honors The Employee Of The Year

Alawneh Exchange celebrated its employee of the year, cementing its belief in its team and the importance of the productivity and development cycle.

Wadi Al Walah trip

Alawneh Exchange organized a trip for its employees to Al Wallah Valley. The trip included sporting activities such as hiking, swimming and rock climbing, and is part of a series of events held throughout the year with the aim of developing a spirit of cooperation among its employees.

Dead Sea Team Building Activities

Alawneh Exchange held a team-building activity for its employees at the Marriott Hotel in the Dead Sea. The activity allowed the team to unify and coordinate the efforts in order to work and collaborate effectively. It included multiple team-building presentations and activities to promote the teamwork mechanism among all participants.

Alawneh Exchange Football League

Alawneh Exchange launched a football league for its employees to promote the culture of teamwork and to stimulate the spirit of positive competition among staff. The football league included multiple matches that saw the operations department emerge as the winner.  

Social Committee Elections

Alawneh Exchange created its social committee to carry out activities such as gatherings, local trips, charity events and sporting events in order to give back to the local community as well as grow and nurture the internal team spirit among the employees.

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